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Bible events[]

  • c. 1300 BCE, Boaz (poss. meaning "In Strength") is born. He is mentioned in the book of Ruth as a landowner of Bethlehem in Judah, “a man mighty in wealth” (Ruth 2:1). Boaz was the son of Salma (Salmon) and Rahab, and he was the father of Obed (Matthew 1:5). He is in the genealogy of Jesus as seventh in line of descent from Judah (1Ch 2:3-11; Lu 3:32, 33). See Bible's timeline.

Surrounding historical events[]

  • c. 1300 BCE, the Babylonian Nazi-Maruttaš successfully attacked Elam, based on texts from this period concerning ration lists and foreign prisoners of war. A historical letter details Nazi-Maruttaš campaign in Mat Namri of the Hurrian region, possibly having conquested twelve of its cities.
  • c. 1300 BCE, conflict ensued between Babylon and Assyria. Adad-nārārī I claimed victory over Babylon and consolidated Assyrian power. He also successfully campaigned in the Zagros Mountains to the east, subjugating the Lullubi and Gutians. In Syria, he defeated Semitic tribes of the so-called Ahlamu group, who were possibly predecessors of the Aramean tribe.