Bible Narratives Wiki
In the beginning . . .”
4026 BCE Adam’s creation
The Antediluvians
3096 BCE Death of Adam
2370 BCE Floodwaters fall
Abrahamic covenant
2018 BCE Abraham born
1943 BCE Abrahamic covenant established
1918 BCE Birth of Isaac
1750 BCE Joseph sold as a slave
b. 1613 BCE Job’s trial
1513 BCE Exodus from Egypt
1473 BCE Israel enters Canaan under Joshua
1467 BCE Major conquest of Canaan completed
c.1467 BCE The Period of Judges begins
1117 BCE Saul anointed as king
1070 BCE God makes Kingdom promise to David
1037 BCE Solomon becomes king
1027 BCE First temple in Jerusalem completed
c. 1020 BCE Song of Solomon completed
997 BCE Israel is divided into two kingdoms
c. 717 BCE Compiling of Proverbs completed
607 BCE Jerusalem destroyed; exile in Babylon begins
539 BCE Babylon falls to the conqueror Cyrus
537 BCE Jewish exiles return to Jerusalem
455 BCE Jerusalem’s walls rebuilt; 69 weeks of years begin
a. 443 BCE Malachi completes his prophetic book
The Gospels
c. 2 BCE Birth of Jesus
29 CE Jesus is baptized and begins to preach about God’s Kingdom
31 CE Jesus chooses his 12 apostles; delivers Sermon on the Mount
32 CE Jesus resurrects Lazarus
33 CE Nisan 14. Jesus is impaled
33 CE Nisan 16. Jesus is resurrected
Christian preaching work
33 CE Sivan 6. Pentecost; outpouring of holy spirit
36 CE Cornelius becomes a Christian
c. 47-48 CE Paul’s first preaching tour
c. 49-52 CE Paul’s second preaching tour
c. 52-56 CE Paul’s third preaching tour
c. 60-61 CE Paul writes letters while imprisoned in Rome
b. 62 CE Jesus’ half brother James writes his letter
Last days begin
66 CE Jews revolt against Rome
70 CE Jerusalem and its temple destroyed by the Romans
c. 96 CE John writes Revelation
c. 100 CE Death of John, the last of the apostles
Kingdom of God
1914 CE Christ comes to power, being anointed as King by his Heavenly Father

Adam’s creation to the Flood[]

Pivotal points
4026 BCE Creation of Adam
1,656 years
2370 BCE Start of the flood waters
427 years
1943 BCE Abrahamic covenant
430 years
1513 BCE Exodus from Egypt
479 years
1034 BCE Jerusalem's first temple construction
37 years
997 BCE Israel divided
390 years
607 BCE Fall of Jerusalem
70 years
537 BCE Return of the Jews
82 years
455 BCE Rebuilding Jerusalem
483 years
29 CE Baptism of Jesus
1,986 years
2015 CE Present day
From Adam’s creation to 2015 CE
6,012 years
From Adam’s creation to the birth of Seth, 130 years
Then to the birth of Enosh, 105 years
To the birth of Kenan, 90 years
To the birth of Mahalalel, 70 years
To the birth of Jared, 65 years
To the birth of Enoch, 162 years
To the birth of Methuselah, 65 years
To the birth of Lamech 187, years
To the birth of Noah 182, years
To the Flood, 600 years
Total 1,656 years

The Flood to the Abrahamic covenant[]

From the beginning of the flood to Arpachshad’s birth, 2 years
Then to the birth of Shelah, 35 years
To the birth of Eber, 30 years
To the birth of Peleg, 34 years
To the birth of Reu, 30 years
To the birth of Serug, 32 years
To the birth of Nahor, 30 years
To the birth of Terah, 29 years
To the death of Terah when Abraham was 75 years old, 205 years
Total 427 years

Abrahamic covenant to the Exodus[]

Now the promises were spoken to Abraham and to his offspring. It does not say, “and to your descendants,” in the sense of many. Rather, it says, “and to your offspring,” in the sense of one, who is Christ. Further, I say this: The Law, which came into being 430 years later, does not invalidate the covenant previously made by God, so as to abolish the promise. — Galatians 3:16, 17

Total 430 years

The Exodus to Israel divided[]

From the Exodus to the entry of Israel into Canaan, 40 years
To the close of the period of the Judges and the beginning of Saul’s reign, 356 years
To the beginning of David’s reign, 40 years
To the beginning of Solomon’s reign, 40 years
To the division of the kingdom, 40 years
Total 516 years