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Possible candidates[]

Candidate 1[]

Amenhotep I was the second Pharaoh of the 18th dynasty of Egypt. He was a son of Ahmose I and Ahmose-Nefertari, having at least two elder brothers, the oldest and heir apparent being Ahmose-ankh. However, the heir apparent died, having preceding his father in death sometime between Ahmose's 17th and 22nd regnal year. Ahmose was succeeded instead by his eldest surviving son, Amenhotep I, with whom he might have shared a short coregency. Amenhotep I is thought to have had only one child, a son who died in infancy.[1]

Manetho's Epitome states that Amenhotep I ruled Egypt for twenty years and seven months (about twenty-one years). Manetho's statement is confirmed by a passage in the tomb autobiography of the magi, Amenemhet. It specifically states that he served under Amenhotep I for 21 Years.[2] In the high chronology, Amenhotep I is given a reign from c. 1546 to 1526 BCE.

The mummy of Amenhotep I had apparently not been looted by the 21st dynasty. The priests who moved the mummy, took care to keep the cartonnage intact. Because of his exquisite face mask, Amenhotep is the only royal mummy which has not been unwrapped and examined by modern Egyptologists.[3]

Candidate 2[]

Thutmose I (his reign possibly being from 1526 BCE to 1513 BCE)


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